Post-doc position at University of Liege

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Post-doc position at University of Liege

Post by mverstra » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:40 am

A post-doctoral research fellowship is available starting immediately (Sept 2017) in the Nanomat group at the University of Liège, on the topic of micro and mesoscopic modelling of magneto-thermal properties.

The aim is to use first principles methods to understand the coupling of vibrational and magnetic properties in bulk and nanostructured materials. Fitting to efficient "second principles" model Hamiltonians enables accurate large scale simulation of coupled electronic, vibrational, dielectric, and magnetic properties of materials at operating conditions (finite temperature and under mechanical constraints).

Candidates should be highly motivated and productive, with strong analytical and physics backgrounds, and particular skills in programming and code development. Experience with ab initio/DFT and model Hamiltonians (Heisenberg, tight binding, molecular dynamics…) are strong pluses. You will work in the group of Prof. Matthieu Verstraete, in collaboration with an extended team of 15-20 scientists in electronic structure methods and applications to thermoelectrics, (multi-)ferroic oxides, and disordered systems. Principal partners are Drs Jean-Yves Raty, Eric Bousquet, Philippe Ghosez (University of Liege), Thomas Ostler (Sheffield Hallam University), and Olle Hellman (Caltech and University of Linkoping)

Liège is a vibrant and welcoming city, with a mid-sized green campus (25 000 students), affordable housing, and excellent links to all of Europe.

The fellowship duration is for one year, renewable. Contract includes full benefits and coverage, and is tax-free to encourage foreign talent: applicants should not have worked more than 1 year in Belgium prior to the beginning of the contract.

Send a full CV with publication list, letter of motivation, and the contacts of at least 2 references to

Web sites:
Matthieu Verstraete
University of Liege, Belgium