PhD Studentship in Material Science or Material Engineering

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PhD Studentship in Material Science or Material Engineering

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Location: McMaster University – Hamilton, ON
Position Description:
We are seeking 2 highly motivated, creative students interested in pursuing a PhD in either the Material Science or the Material Engineering programs at McMaster University ( The study normally takes 4 years to complete and will commence on January 2015.

Candidates will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, expertise, and initiative to one of three research projects of their preference. The first project involves exploring ways to improve the performance of ferroelectic materials, which are used in high-power applications (such as therapeutic ultrasound actuators), and the discovery of novel ferroelectric materials. The second project concerns the investigation of the electronic polarization properties of dielectrics and its coupling with magnetism of certain materials which may potentially be used to address current limitations in data storage devices by providing new means of storing and retrieving information. The third project is focused on the discovery of optical gain materials suitable for long-range optical communication networks.

The successful candidates will be primarily involved in:
* Developing an understanding of the properties and functions of materials at microscopic scale
* Predicting properties of materials based on their atomic structures using first-principle (density functional theory) calculations
* Discovering novel materials that possess desired properties and can be used in technologically advanced applications
* High-performance computing and data analysis

For more details regarding the application process and requirements please refer to