Post-doc position in San Sebastián, Spain

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Post-doc position in San Sebastián, Spain

Post by pouillon » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:10 pm

We are seeking to fill a postdoctoral position opened at Centro de Física de Materiales ( at the group of Prof. Daniel Sánchez-Portal (

The work will focus on the optimization and development of the Ehrenfest dynamics (real-time TDDFT) options on SIESTA (in collaboration with the group of Prof. E. Artacho at nanoGUNE) and to collaborate in the implementation of meta-GGA and hybrid functionals within SIESTA (in collaboration with the group of Prof. J. Junquera in Cantabria University). All the work will be coordinated with the Simune company (

The selected candidate will also have the opportunity to apply the developed methods to several systems of interest. In particular, we have several ongoing collaborations with experimental groups to study the
growth and the electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons and other molecular covalent networks on different metal surfaces, as well as for the study of the interaction of other organic molecules with metal and semiconducting substrates. There is also an ongoing effort to study the plasmonic and optical response of nanostructures from a theoretical point of view using different tools created to work in conjunction with SIESTA (TDDFT linear response as well real-time TDDFT simulations).
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