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Post by wmaddox » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:19 pm


I come from the VASP community. Having recently graduated from my previous institution, I no longer have access to VASP. I remember hearing good things about abinit and decided to give it a shot. So far I have been very pleased with the package as a whole. My conputational background is in semiconductors, oxides, thin films, nanoparticles and band gap engineering to name a few. I look forward to contributing where I can.


- Willie
Willie B. Maddox Ph.D.

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Re: Greetings

Post by gonze » Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:51 pm

Welcome, Willie !
Helping with the forum would be great ...
Or do you intent to become an ABINIT developer ?

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Re: Greetings

Post by dang57162 » Tue May 25, 2021 11:49 am

Hands-on training on the ABINIT and ALPS codes will be an integral part of the school. There will also be a hands-on practice on Wien2K + DMFT codes and the new ITensor code for DMRG. รีวิวซีรี่ย์

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