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ABINIT v9.0.4 beta release

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 10:23 am
by gonze
Dear ABINIT users,

ABINITv9.0.4 is available, see the Web page .

*** This release of ABINIT is a beta release ***

It is released in order for the developers to get additional feedback from users, especially concerning the installation of ABINIT, related scripts and documentation. People with little skills in installing libraries on their computers are discouraged to switch to v9.0.4. ABINITv8.10.3 stays available on the ABINIT Web site. With respect to v9.0.3, a series of issues have been corrected, at the level of the installation, documentation, as well as a few bug fixes. This is nevertheless still a beta release.

Have fun !