Install 9.4.0 in MacOS (Big Sur)

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Install 9.4.0 in MacOS (Big Sur)

Post by pzambon » Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:20 pm

Has anybody installed Abinit 9.4.0 in MacOS? I'm trying to upgrade to 9.4.0 from 9.2.2 using brew but without success. I use the command:

brew upgrade abinit

and the answer is:

Warning: abinit/tap/abinit 9.2.2 already installed

Any suggestions?

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Re: Install 9.4.0 in MacOS (Big Sur)

Post by torrent » Wed Mar 24, 2021 5:38 pm


This doesn't work?

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brew upgrade abinit
This is strange...
On my MacBook it works.

You could try this

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brew upgrade --force abinit
or, last resort:

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brew uninstall abinit
brew install abinit
This should do the job.

Good luck
Marc Torrent
CEA - Bruyères-le-Chatel

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