Co>Operation System Upgrade from 3.1.7 to

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Co>Operation System Upgrade from 3.1.7 to

Post by praj2712 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:47 pm

We have recently upgrade Co>Operation System Upgrade from 3.1.7 to

In 3.1.7 : We have XML loader where XML have multiple tag
for e.g.
<DNIRInformation groupName="1" p10Start="StartDNIRInformation" p10End="EndDNIRInformation">

Which is getting repeated twice ( exact tag duplicate ).
Code does not have any setting to handle above but 3.1.7 loaded the first occurrence and ignore any duplicate.

After upgrade : 3.2.5
This is failing with below :
Attempt to write multiple values to the scalar field: 'DNIRInformation_t.p10End'

We are planning to change the code to handle this condition for dml ( change from scalar to vector )

Is there any quick fix to do above in 3.2.5. If there is any config change or any other idea.

Appreciate the help.

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