Problem of Bandgap Input

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Problem of Bandgap Input

Postby petrusdarius » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:08 am

Respected Sir, 

I am a student of computational physics and a newbie in abinit.

I use abinit 8.10.4 
I am measuring the bandgap from Stanene using default file ( but the bandgap produced is not at 0 point.
comparing with the default of, Therefore, I find that the bandgap in my input produced is not at 0 point. 
While in my input, for Hidrogenized Stanene, The bandgap is not at 0 point (E-Ef plot). Here I attach my input file. Is there any mistake in my input?
Thank you very much in advance.


This is my input
(3.5 KiB) Downloaded 3 times
And this is default from abinit
(2.96 KiB) Downloaded 3 times
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Re: Problem of Bandgap Input

Postby ebousquet » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:18 pm

Dear petrusdarius,
Your calculation input looks good, the only problem, I think, comes from the E_f you choose to make the zero of the plot, sounds like it is not placed at the highest occupied band. So you just have to correct the E_f you use to make your plot.
Best wishes,
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