Accessing the new Abinit Forge  [SOLVED]

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Accessing the new Abinit Forge

Post by pouillon » Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:39 pm

Dear Committers,

I've just created the Abinit 6.0.0 branches. Before rushing on bzr to download them, I suggest you to read the following information carefully.

The new Abinit Forge has a fairly different structure from the previous one. There is now one - and only one - repository per developer. This means that you will not get a new repository each time we switch from version x.y to x.(y+1). You should thus treat your branches with good care, talk to them, water them, et c., so that they grow strong and healthy. The gain factor in terms of disk occupation is close to 10, that's why we did that.

Another essential point is that the Abinit Forge is now managed using Bazaar 2.0, which brings a lot of bugfixes and improvements. It also uses a new repository format, allowing local operations to be 5 to 6 times faster than before. The only drawback is that this format is not compatible with the one we used so far. In order not to force everybody to migrate to Bazaar 2.0 right now, the upgrade of repositories is performed on a voluntary basis, except for new committers who get new-format repositories directly.

At present, the following developers are using the new format:

    * Jean-Michel
    * Michel
    * Thierry
    * Momar
    * Xavier
    * Jonathan
    * Josef
    * Yann

For performance reasons, the trunk has to use the new format, which may prevent some people to merge it directly into their branch if they use a too old version of Bazaar. I had to find a workaround on the fly, while creating the repositories. It consists in having a copy of the trunk public branch in an alternate repository, codename "trunk-oldformat". This copy will be automatically updated several times a day. The trick will be used until everybody use a sufficiently recent version of Bazaar, which hopefully won't take too long.

Please note as well that Bazaar 1.x is now barely maintained and still has significant problems - in particular with network connections - in addition to its using suboptimal workflows. Therefore, I encourage all of you to upgrade your version of Bazaar and let me know about it at your earliest convenience. You will gain a lot in terms of comfort, and the Forge admins too. No doubt Xavier will also be grateful to you for doing this, since merges are somewhat faster with the new format.

In case you can only install Bazaar in your home directory, you might want to use my installer. It takes around 5 minutes to have Bazaar up and running, and you get personalized detailed instructions at the end of the install process. Everything can be found there:

Don't be fooled by its being on the old Abinit website. The installer and the tarballs are kept up-to-date automatically, and I have a few issues adpating my scripts to the new website. Jean-Michel and I are working on it, and hopefully everything will be solved soon enough.

In order to let you easily access the new Abinit Forge, I've prepared a new version of the Bazaar Quick Reference, that you'll find there:

I'll put it on the new website as soon as I figure out how to update a PDF file registered with Plone. Please read it in its entirety, even if you believe you're an expert of Bazaar and Abinit. Things have changed, and this little document might really be useful to adapt faster.

In case you need, the former branches are still available, replacing /abinit/ byt /abinit5/ in the URL.

I'm pretty sure you will have questions. Here is the place to ask.
Yann Pouillon
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Re: Accessing the new Abinit Forge

Post by mverstra » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:58 pm

I can not access my branch with a bzr 1.3 client. I have asked for it to be updated, but I thought my branch was still under the old format. If not, please do not change it - I am already working under 2.0.1 on my laptop.

bzr: ERROR: Unknown repository format: 'Bazaar RepositoryFormatKnitPack6RichRoot (bzr 1.9)\n'



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Re: Accessing the new Abinit Forge  [SOLVED]

Post by pboulanger » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:44 pm

I just changed to bzr 2.0.2 using your script.
Worked as a charm :)