trunk-public and trunk-private  [SOLVED]

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trunk-public and trunk-private

Post by jzwanzig » Sat May 07, 2011 2:51 pm

Hi, I don't think I understand what (if anything) I'm supposed to do with the trunk-public and trunk-private branches, particularly trunk-private. My normal work flow is:

1 develop in jzwanzig/xxx-private, regularly commit and push to central server jzwanzig/xxx-private

when happy, merge to jzwanzig/xxx-public, test, and push to central server jzwanzig/xxx-public

when a new merge is done centrally on this branch, merge trunk/xxx-public into jzwanzig/xxx-private, solve conflicts


What if anything should I do with trunk/xxx-private?

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Re: trunk-public and trunk-private  [SOLVED]

Post by pouillon » Mon May 09, 2011 3:15 pm

The more than highly recommended workflow is to merge only tested public branches into private ones. External private branches should in principle never be merged into your branches.

The trunk-public branches are clones of the corresponding trunk-private ones. A trunk-public branch is updated only when trunk-private passes the tests on the test farm first.

I'm also working in a similar way. I'm only using my private branch to do everything. When I want my developments be tested, I just push to my public branch.

You can have a look at my bzr-publish script in ~abinit/extras/bzr_helpers/, as well as to the other scripts there, if you need more details.
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